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John Dillinger
Even while under surveillance, a smiling John Dillinger takes time to throw a party and pose with his famous wooden pistol, and Sheriff Holley's Thompson.

courtesy William J. Helmer / Goddard collection
The John Dillinger exhibit at F.B.I. Headquaters, Washington, D.C., includes plaster death mask (top).
Note Dillinger's specially modified .38 Super "machine pistol" with Thompson-style fore grip at left center, above the two sawed-off shotguns.

courtesy Tom Swearengen

Under the headline "Arsenal of Dillinger Mob", Tucson, Arizona lawmen pose with looted Thompsons and Winchester rifles purchased from San Antonio genius H.S. Lebman, all taken from the Dillinger gang upon their capture in January, 1934.

courtesy John Dillinger Wax Museum, Nashville, Indiana

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