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Movies: 40s
Colored posters and artwork are among the least expensive and restrictive of collectible Thompson memorabilia, and the movies were a great source.
This poster for a Dick Tracy serial dates from the early 1940s.
Loretta Young and Alan Ladd get ready to take on the Japanese Army in China (1943). "You can carry it, just like a baby!" Paul Muni's Tony Camonte extols in Scarface (1932), while henchman George Raft (right) fondles an "L" drum.

Note the blank adaptor protruding from the muzzle of the Model 1921A Colt Thompson.

For your movie collection ...

Sahara (1943)

Sahara (1943)

Rated: NR
Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Bennett, et al.
Director: Zoltan Korda