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An Auto-Ordnance publicity photo, showing a pair of genuine New York City Police officers posing with the new Model of 1919 Thompson Submachine Guns.

Note the absence of sights and buttstocks.
Marcellus H. Thompson (right) presenting Thompson Model of 1919 Submachine Guns to Captain Charles Schofield of the New York City Police Department, in the fall of 1920, eight months before the East Side scandal erupted in June, 1921.
After Thompsons were discovered aboard the East Side on their way to Ireland, this photograph was resurrected and reproduced in 1922 over the following caption:

Col. Marcellus H. Thompson, Vice President and active head of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation, at right, who has been indicted, with seven others, by a Federal Grand Jury, charged with being involved in an alleged attempt to ship arms to Ireland, a violation of neutrality Laws. Nearly five hundred machine to sail for Europe. Col. Thompson is the son-in-law of Ambassador Harvey, and is a son of General John T. Thompson, noted inventor of rapid fire and machine guns.

Police checking vehicles with the aid of a Thompson Model of 1921A.

Note the Thompson mount on the motorcycle sidecar (left).
The New Jersey City Police proudly display their new 1931 Police Emergency Service vehicle.

Note the different ranks: the officer on the truck with the Thompson is a patrolman, at his right is a sergeant, and the officer standing on the street is a commander.