A Letter from the Founder and CEO, Justin Moon

My passion for shooting is shared by my passion for American history. I see both interests as closely tied together. Our nation was founded by brave patriots who were willing to take risks, face dangers, and use their inventiveness to overcome all obstacles. Among those many tools used to found our country were the firearms that secured our freedom. When we had the good fortune to be offered the purchase of Auto-Ordnance in 1999, I saw this as not only business opportunity, but a chance to become involved in preserving an essential part of American heritage.

The products made by Auto-Ordnance provide shooters the chance to own a piece of history. Each firearm is an iconic example of the guns that were used by Americans to preserve and defend freedom around the globe. The Thompson, the M1 Carbine, and the 1911 all served American warfighters on far flung battlefields. Each is an important symbol of American ingenuity applied to the defense of liberty. These guns preserved freedoms like the Second Amendment, the sentinel, guarding all of the other rights valued by our Founding Fathers.

Auto-Ordnance guns are also an important part of American culture. The Tommy Gun has become a symbol of the battle between law and order. It is often remembered in association with the 1920s, when it was used by police and federal agents battling crime. The 1911 has a similar history defending citizens, soldiers, and police officers treading in dangerous places. Each of the firearms offered by Auto-Ordnance symbolizes a historical period, and the ingenuity of the American’s who worked to make them.

Auto-Ordnance is at home in the Kahr Firearms family of gun makers, bringing to the table an important element of American history and guns of exceptional manufacture. As with all products from Kahr Firearms Group, every Thompson, M1 Carbine, 1911 bring to the customer our strict quality standards. Every gun must be accurate, and reliable. It is what the customer needs, what the customer deserves, and what we deliver.

Justin Moon

Founder, and CEO

Kahr Firearms Group