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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 / Published in Product Reviews

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When it comes to American-made “GI .45″s in the $500 range, the Auto-Ordnance M1911A1 delivered at the range.

Since 1999, the Kahr Firearms Group has included the AO brand in its portfolio, with production at the company’s current Worcester, Mass facility. Their 1911 BKO longslide is an ode to the famous M1911A1 line used by the U.S. military from 1926 to the last days of the Cold War.

The company machines the slide, sear, and disconnector from solid carbon bar stock, then heat treats them “to assure durability and long life over many thousands of rounds.” As with the old-school GI guns, the Auto-Ordnance pistol has a low-profile blade front sight and a rear sight, with the latter being drift adjustable for windage.

The grip is brown checkered plastic on the review gun, a clone of the WWII-era 1911 grips that were adopted after the earlier double-diamond walnut grips were discontinued before WWII.

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Thursday, 07 November 2019 / Published in Product Reviews

By Frank Jardim
November 6, 2019

If you love World War II history, you have Auto-Ordnance Corporation to thank for making the iconic Thompson submachine-gun (semi-auto), M1 Carbine, and M1911A1 pistol in their standard, GI issue form. If you love art, you should know that they also offer 10 different custom, military themed commemorative models of those old battle veterans. The commemoratives are heavily laser engraved on both wood and metal and uniquely finished to enhance the artwork. This year Auto Ordnance adds three new custom models — an M1A1-style Thompson, M1 Carbine, and M1911A1 pistol — to commemorate the epic and bloody 37-day battle of Iwo Jima on its 75th anniversary. The Auto Ordnance Iwo Jima Series honors all the Marines, sailors and seabees who fought there.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019 / Published in Product Reviews

Date: August 11, 2019

When They Went to War, They Carried A Powerful Handgun


Seth set in his firing position staring west into the darkness. He had been on this stinking Island, not counting this morning, for 21 days. It is early morning 7 July 1944, and he was wondering what was a boy from Kansas doing in the jungles of Saipan. Saipan was 1,463 miles from Tokyo and 6,941 miles back to Newton, Kansas. After he graduated “Boot” and “SOI” Seth was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force. He qualified with the Springfield bolt action and a Singer 1911A1. He loved his Singer 1911A1. He would carry this very same Singer 1911A1 into Guadalcanal where he experienced baptism under fire. He chuckled to himself about how he managed, with some shadiness, to bring this 1911A1 along with him.

He has been in the 2nd Marines for more than two years. His section of the defensive line was called Harakiri Gulch. The 2nd Marines were nearly nose to nose with the Japs, maybe 600 yards apart at the most. At 04:30 hrs., he began to hear sporadic gun fire up and down the line. He was a little alarmed so he slapped the legs of the sleeping Marines on either side of him. Their job was to protect the flanks of two separate machinegun nests. There were 30 Marines in this gap.

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Monday, 26 August 2019 / Published in Product Reviews

The M1 Garand tends to get most of the American WWII glory, but it’s not the only cool firearm from the ’40s!

If you’re looking to expand your gun collection or maybe add a rifle that has significance to American warfighters, you should take a look at the M1 Carbine.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 / Published in Product Reviews

Date: August 19, 2019
Author: Frank Melloni

In early 2019, Auto-Ordnance released a commemorative pistol to honor our current Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump. As he is the 45th president to hold office, it only made sense to customize the most iconic .45 in history, the 1911. When I set eyes on it earlier this year at the SHOT Show, I knew immediately that I wanted to do some work with it. I guess Combat Handguns figured it would take a boisterous New Yorker to truly appreciate this pistol and every one of its well-thought-out details. In a New York minute, I snatched up the assignment and ordered up a sample.

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Tuesday, 02 July 2019 / Published in Product Reviews