When the original Thompson sub-machine gun was made, its design epitomized an era when firearms were works of art crafted in wood and steel.  Each gun a hand machined example of American ingenuity and creativity. Auto-Ordnance has kept that tradition alive with its gorgeous blue steel, hard wood stocked Thompson carbines.  Now we are taking the art of the Thompson to a new level with our new “Case Hardened” Tommy Guns.

This time honored tradition of working steel produces distinct and unique patterns of color long sought after by firearms aficionados. The Auto-Ordnance “Case Hardened” Tommy Guns are each a work of art, covered in a beautiful, swirling finish. Beneath the colorful surface is an all steel, 18” barreled, 1927 pattern Thompson, chambered in powerful .45 ACP. The stock, forearm, and grip are Walnut. 

While every Auto-Ordnance Thompson is made to replicate the look of the original guns, they are also equipped with a precisely machined barrel. This guarantees that they may look like an original Tommy Gun, but they will shoot with a level of accuracy the originals could not match.  The Auto-Ordnance “Case Hardened” Thompson gives today’s shooter a chance to own a beautifully finished piece of American military history, and experience legendary shooting performance with every trip to the range!


Barrel 18" Finned
Length 41" overall
Weight 13 lbs
Sights Blade front, open rear adjustable
Stocks Polished walnut fixed stock and vertical foregrip
Magazine 20 round stick
Warranty 1 Year