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Auto Ordnance

The 1911 is the most recognized and highly respected pistol to most mere mortals. Successfully serving our military for 75 years, it became the unparalleled standard in the civilian market for home defense, concealed carry and competition. 

The sight alone of the slab-sided shooter fills hearts with pride, especially portrayed in the rugged G.I. form of John Moses Browning’s patented pistol. Calling it an old “warhorse” accurately describes its intended use for fighting men from WWI through the Vietnam War, and until its retirement in 1986. The no frills design is simple, functional and reliable; three words warriors appreciate during battle. 

Holding a G.I. 1911 in hand, admiration seeps within, reminding us of the greatest generation who walked before us … true patriots. Those men knew what had to be done!

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Eye of the tiger! Brindle stripes make the Auto Ordnance 1911A1 superbly functional art.

The email from GUNS editor Brent T. Wheat was short and to the point. “Tank, I’ve got an assignment for you. It’s kind of a rush job. Don’t let us down!” 

The “rush job” concerned Auto Ordnance’s new rendition of John Moses Browning’s slab-sided classic, for those of us wanting an affordable option for owning a “GI-issue” 1911A1. Holding it brings to mind our troops fighting for our freedoms with this WWII-era version of the 1911. 

This year Auto Ordnance has honored our iconic .45 ACP service pistol with a beautiful new finish.

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by American Rifleman Staff – Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Auto-Ordnance is commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day with three specially engraved and ornamented guns—an M1911, an M1 carbine and a Thompson. “The General’s 1911” ($1,134) is engraved with Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing his troops cut into the slide and frame, and a quote from him, “Only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free,” is engraved on the slide. The right side has Gen. Omar Bradley and Adm. Alan Kirk, and an Army crest is engraved on both stocks. The gun starts as a .45 ACP G.I. Model 1911 with a 5″ barrel. The Cerakote finish is in Patriot Brown, with Olive Drab controls and Armor Black engraving. “The Soldier’s M1 Carbine” ($1,391), with Cerakote on the barrel and receiver, has a walnut stock engraved with headlines announcing the invasion, followed by part of Gen. Eisenhower’s address. 

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Auto-Ordnance will be featured on the upcoming cover of the D-Day Tribute edition of Guns & Ammo Magazine. Take a sneak peak below and don’t forget to grab a copy from newsstands in June!