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  • 1911BKOW

    Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 GI Specs, Matte Black Finish, .45 Cal., 5" Barrel, Wood Grips with U.S. logo
    MSRP: $689.00
    NEW 2017!!
    Shipped with one 7 round magazine

    MSRP: $689.00

  • T1ANN

    Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Carbine, .45 Cal. with 20 round stick magazine, 100th Anniversary Engraved Edition, 1500 Units sold as a Matched Set with 1911A1 Pistol
    MSRP: $1,971.00
    Now Shipping!!

    >> 1911BKOANN
    >> 100th Anniversary Matched Set Edition

    MSRP: $1,971.00

  • 1911BKOANN

    Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 GI Specs, matte black finish, .45 Cal., 5" Barrel, 100th Anniversary Engraved Edition, 1500 Units sold as a Matched set with 1927A-1 Deluxe Carbine
    MSRP: $1,971.00
    Now Shipping!!

    >> T1ANN
    >> 100th Anniversary Matched Set Edition

    MSRP: $1,971.00

  • T150DCR

    Thompson 1927A-1 "Deluxe Semi-Auto", Hard Chrome Plated
    MSRP: $2,963.00

    Shipped with 50 round drum magazine and 20 round stick magazine

    MSRP: $2,963.00

  • T150DTG

    Thompson 1927A-1 "Deluxe Semi-Auto", Titanium Gold Plated
    MSRP: $2,963.00

    Shipped with 50 round drum magazine and 20 round stick magazine

    MSRP: $2,963.00

  • T1-14

    Thompson 1927A-1 "Deluxe Semi-Auto", 16.5” Barrel with Permanently Affixed Cutts Compensator, Approved by BATFE
    MSRP: $1,461.00
    Shipped with one 20 round stick magazine

    MSRP: $1,461.00

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A-O 1911 BKOW
Thompson 100th Anniversary Matched Set Edition
Thompson T150DTG and T150DCR
16.5-inch Barrel Tommy Gun
Auto-Ordnance  M1 Carbine
Auto-Ordnance 1911BKO
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New Accessories
  • 1911 Gray G-10 Grips (QBU1911G-10G)

    Auto-Ordnance 1911 Interchangeable G10 Grips. 
    Interchangeable to Desert Eagle Fixed Blade Knife
    (Part ID : KNIFE1911)


  • Carbine Canvas Case (MCACNVS)

    M1 Carbine Canvas Carry Bag Reproduction. Canvas exterior stamped “US.” 


  • M1 Carbine Leather Scabbard (MCAIM1613)

    New Made Item: Top-Quality thick genuine leather with heavy waxed whited stitching, all brass fixtures and copper rivets, this is the best we have ever seen.

    Issued in WWII for use with vehicles such as Jeeps, Motorcycles, Airborne Scooters, and even horses, this leather carry case is a fantastic way to store your M1 carbine.

    Note: this case will not fit the M2 Paratrooper Carbine.

    Approximate Dimensions-
    Length: 25 inches


  • Sticker Tommygun (QFITGSTK)

    Tommygun sticker
    Measures 9.25” x 1.5” 
    Self adhesive.


  • U.S. Thompson SMG Kerr Sling (TKERRSL)

    This is a reproduction of a  U.S. issue Thompson Sub Machine gun sling.
    Constructed of tan colored webbing with blued steel hardware .
    Designed to fit all U.S. military Issue Thompsons used in WW2 be they M-1928A1 or M1/M1A1 models.
    Very usable and completes the look of your classic Tommy Gun.


  • M1 Carbine Paratrooper Stock (MC093AS)

    M1 Carbine Folding Paratrooper Stock. Walnut folding stock with pistol grip, swing out wire stock and butt plate, sling swivel slot. Wood handgaurd is sold separatelt. Some fitting may be required.


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  • New For 2016: Auto-Ordnance’s 100th Anniversary Thompson Package

    Auto-Ordnance is now offering limited-edition Model 1927 Thompsons as part of a set with a matched 1911.

    Personal Defense World, January 20, 2016

    The Tommy gun is one of the most recognizable firearms around the world, and its American heritage is well known. Auto-Ordnance, now a part of Kahr Arms, has been making Thompson submachine guns since 1916, and now the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary in style—by offering limited-edition Model 1927 Thompsons as part of a set with a matched 1911, another icon of American firearms design.
    Read the article »

  • EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Auto-Ordnance’s Classic 1911PKZSE Warhorse

    This revived GI-style 1911PKZSE pistol provides modern shooters with a fresh take on Uncle Sam’s battle-proven, .45 ACP design!

    Personal Defense World, July 31, 2015 | By Robert A. Sadowski

    The 1911 was made to take abuse as much as give it out in real-world combat, where a pistol had to be immune to dust, sand, mud and even rust from lack of maintenance. The tolerances of the GI-issued M1911A1s were loose for a reason. Today we are spoiled—not that I’m complaining—with accurate, tight-fitting pistols that feature extended beavertail grip safeties, mag wells, Picatinny rails, large sights, Cerakote finishes, lowered and flared ejection ports and a slew of other enhancements that make operating a 1911-style pistol more comfortable and more effective. A number of manufacturers build GI-style M1911- and M1911A1-style pistols, albeit with modern upgrades for today’s shooters.
    Read the article »

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