Auto-Ordnance Makes the 20’s Roar with the Bootlegger Thompson & 1911!

Greeley, PA: The Thompson is often called the “gun that made the 20’s roar”, but it was not the only reason for that saying. In fast cars with loads of moonshine, 1920’s bootleggers roared down country roads, evading the law and delivering white lightning to speakeasies. Lawmen raced after the motor bandits, wielding Tommy Guns and 1911s. It was not long before Hollywood depicted these duels on the big screen. The Roaring 20’s blazed a trail into American pop culture and history. Auto-Ordnance’s latest custom guns are produced in collaboration with Outlaw Ordnance, and commemorate the era with the “Bootlegger” Thompson and 1911. Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group, commented on them saying, “Auto-Ordnance is devoted to preserving American History, and the Bootlegger series invokes images of the roaring 20’s–a time people find fascinating! Owning one of these guns is truly owning a piece of American history.”

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