Kahr Firearms Group Announces the Tanker 1911!

Built Like A Tank

Greeley, PA: “Built like a tank” is a phrase that has entered the American lexicon as a means to describe hardware that is durable, strong, and nearly indestrucCble. The term may have originated in describing armored fighCng vehicles, but it also clearly describes the 1911. Auto-Ordnance is proud to honor America’s armored warriors with this commemoraCve 1911, dedicated to the memory of the brave American soldiers who faced the enemy in steel chariots like the M4 Sherman Tanks of World War II. Just like the 1911, these Shermans were a vital part of the war effort. Their crews took them into harm’s way, oUen outgunned by German tanks, yet achieved victory against the odds. Each Tanker 1911 slide and frame are customized by Outlaw Ordnance, beginning with the Army O.D. Green Cerakote finish. The iconic white star of the Sherman Tank is engraved on the slide and frame, adding a touch of historical character. The “U.S” logo is engraved on the beauCful, checkered wood grips, providing a natural and elegant look. This all steel, GI style 1911 features a 5” barrel, chambered in .45 ACP. Sights, trigger, grip safety, and controls are the classic GI pa\ern. Like the original Sherman, the Tanker 1911 is made in the United States. One seven round magazine is included. Jodi DePorter, Director of MarkeCng for Kahr Firearms Group, emphasized Auto-Ordnance’s focus on American heritage, staCng that “…owning the Tanker 1911 gives the modern shooter the opportunity to own a piece of history, while honoring the memory of the brave tank crews who delivered on America’s promise to achieve final victory in World War II.”

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